As a director, Brett has had  “an almost Roger Corman-esque career in Canada” (bloodsprayer. com) and has directed over 15 features, unprecedented for Canadian film makers. He has been called “Canada’s Duke of Doom” (Penny Blood Magazine) and “Canada’s Baron of Blood” (CBC- radio) for his horror films. Brett likes to cross all genres, such as the horror films  THE BONESETTER, THE FERAL MAN, FINAL CURTAIN, PREY FOR THE BEAST, KINGDOM OF THE VAMPIRE , THE BONESETTER RETURNS and MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND, the science fiction/fantasy of PIRATES: QUEST FOR SNAKE ISLAND, IRON SOLDIER and THUNDERSTORM: THE RETURN OF THOR, westerns with HELL AT MY HEELS and even children’s films with ROCKLAND.

As an actor, BRETT KELLY has over a decade of experience. Having studied theatre at the University of Ottawa and Television Broadcasting at Algonquin College, Brett went on to appear on stage in over twenty productions such as THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, THE WOMAN IN BLACK, HOBSON’S CHOICE, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM and many more.

Brett has appeared in many films and television shows such as DESTRUCTION KINGS, THE WALKERS, BLUE SCREEN BLUES, DECOYS, BUTCH PATTERSON: PRIVATE DICK and many more.


Brett has also worked in Television as the programming director and station manager for TV ZOOM. Brett has also done camera work, grip work and editing on many productions and corporate videos.

Brett has also taught acting workshops for many years. Clients have included Modelling agencies, City programming and corporate clients.

  1. are you brett kelly, the canadian actor?

  2. I absolutely cannot wait to see Jurassic Shark! My friend has it, so gonna watch it soon. We need more films like these!

  3. Love your work so much, as actor or behind the camera. Especially like Feral Mal and Final Curtain. I just watched Destruction Kings where you cameo.

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